Kristin Woulfe
Kristin Woulfe has a unique set of skills that stem from both her education and extensive experience working with families. She has a master’s degree in psychology and worked for several years in the mental health field with children in crisis. Since 2000, Kristin has worked exclusively in the Minnesota family court system assisting families to successfully resolve child custody and parenting time disputes. As a Hennepin County Family Court Guardian Ad Litem, she advocated for the best interest of children involved in custody disputes. While employed at Hennepin County Family Court Services, Kristin conducted custody evaluations, mediations, and social early neutral evaluations. In these positions, Kristin provided dispute resolution services to hundreds of families experiencing high levels of conflict and stress.

Kristin has addressed a wide range of complex issues, including but not limited to domestic violence, high conflict, cultural differences, chemical health, mental health, sexual abuse, parental alienation, and third party custody matters. Kristin understands that the developmental energy children need to successfully navigate their daily lives can be exhausted in the midst of parental conflict. She is committed to assisting families to make manageable changes that minimize the negative impact of family change on children and their relationship with their parents.

Kristin works with parents to create environments that support children’s emotional health and development, as well as promote cooperation and communication in parental relationships. While children’s well-being is a primary focus for Kristin, she recognizes that parents also experience emotional strain and stress. Kristin strives to assist parents in reaching resolutions that benefit both parents and children.

Kristin is a member of both the National and Minnesota AFCC chapters and is on the Professional Development Committee for the Minnesota chapter. For more detailed information regarding Kristin’s education, experience, and training, click here for a copy of her Curriculum Vitae.