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Conflict within the family can make it especially difficult to be a parent. When custody disputes arise, parents experience new fears and stressors regarding their children. Parents often become concerned about their ability to actively participate in their children’s lives and cultivate a relationship with their children going forward. Trust is damaged, making communication and cooperation difficult. During this emotionally charged time, reaching any resolution can seem like an overwhelming task.

Kristin Woulfe is committed to working with families to enhance children’s well-being, improve parental cooperation, and enrich parent-child relationships. Her work is grounded in her extensive knowledge of families, children, and family court matters. She has a master’s degree in psychology and spent several years in the mental health field working with children in crisis. Since 2000, Kristin has worked with families that have child custody disputes.

Kristin provides a wide variety of services designed to help families successfully navigate transitions, create environments that promote healthy adjustment in children, and enrich relationships.